The Quiet Revolution: Inquiry Model

July 5, 2018 admin 0

I have just completed making this Inquiry Model for The Quiet Revolution. This inquiry model includes: a) The main ‘compelling question’ is ‘What was revolutionary about the Quiet Revolution’? b) Formative Performance Tasks c) Summative […]

C3 Inquiry Charts

July 4, 2018 admin 0

While this is an American site, there are many inquiry design for world history, and universal themes from k-12.  If you are not teaching in USA, you will find some diamonds in here, and then […]

The Critical Thinking Consortium

July 3, 2018 admin 0

The Critical Thinking Consortium  designs and provides strategies for many types of student centered inquiry. For history, the pedagogy of ‘The Big Six’ by eminent history pedagogue Peter Seixas, is utilized.   There are several […]

WordGeneration for Academic Literacy

July 3, 2018 admin 0

The Word Generation strategies and resources are importantly FREE, and available on their site. In a nutshell, Academic Vocabulary is the LANGUAGE of schooling.  Student success depends a lot on mastery of academic language, across […]

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